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Table red wine


Dedicated to my German partner, after whom it is named, Swanti is a curious wine, an ever changing one. Always yearning to experiment and for this reason, from year to year, it changes its composition. It is a wine that we offer to friends, with whom it plays hide and seek. The only certainty is that Swanti will always be frank, energetic, and jaunty, with an unexpectedly “dark” soul.

How she likes it

Our blend

Age: 15 – 25 years old
Hectares: 0.2 Ha
Yield: 7000 kg/Ha

Harvest period
First week of October
2.000 bottles

The selection of the grapes takes place in the vineyard, during harvest; alcoholic fermentation lasts for about 10 days in stainless steel tanks; malolactic fermentation then follows.


In stainless steel tanks. Bottling takes place in spring.

Organoleptic characteristics

Every year we try to make the best blend, following what the vintage offers. We always aim to produce a wine with a complex and balanced composition that highlights the characteristics of the selected varieties.